Simple Solutions Only: Quality Leads from Quality Attempts

Here is one thing to cut out of the first-party data program, and two things to focus on while measuring those dreaded lead quality metrics:

      1. Don’t be obnoxious
      2. Be helpful with relevancy
      3. Pre-qualify the lead

    Don’t be obnoxious (#1)
    is a cheeky way of saying that we should not obstruct the logical next step. A previous simple solution similarly asks product owners to find ways to be helpful with relevancy (#2) by considering what next steps there are and how the experience can reflect that understanding.

    But then, we get to the true simple solution here:

    Pre-qualify leads with clear messaging and relevant targeting (#3)

    Analysis of past leads and how they came to be is required in order to do this well. It is not impossible to find a good place to start with or without that analysis. When there are known issues at the top of the funnel, such as “leads from XYZ are terrible” or “our costs per lead on this channel are terrible”, check for or or both of these potential issues: ad clarity, and audience development clarity.

    And clear them up! Measure it and take credit, why dontcha.

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    Todd Belcher Consulting Partner
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