What we mean

When we work with a client on program management, our aim is to align on a holistic approach to accomplishing a specific goal. 

Example programs: 

First-party data program – ongoing management of seeking and taking advantage of opportunities to maintain useful first-party datasets for competitive advantage, customer experience, and institutional knowledge

Email marketing program – takes a big step up from email marketing tactics and campaigns, and considers the breadth of email from service providers to collected addresses, communications, and journeys that can be directly or indirectly affected by email marketing

Paid media program – continuously considers all available channels and formats with emphasis on near- and long-term value delivered from paid media management beyond acquisition and through the entire customer lifecycle

Forward progress

Assessments are meaningless if they aren’t designed for forward progress. As we work together, we’ll be applying assessment frameworks to websites, apps, consent programs, customer data program implementations, and technology evaluations to inform projects for today, tomorrow, and next year to ensure our future success.

Your first-party data program is a success

when the entire organization recognizes the importance of first-party data

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