How do you “just get started” with a CDP

First, realize that there is a lot to consider. Stop considering customer data platform technology, whether you have it or not.

You’ll get to the technology, but only after going all the way back to the start of why the words “customer data platform” get uttered in the first place:

The Customer.

At the center of each and every customer data program is The Customer. 

What does your customer want? Why does your customer want to work with you? 

These questions can be asked against every part of the business the customer touches.

The answers to those questions should be reflected within the experience. 

That is how you get started with a CDP. 

This means shifting the mindset from figuring out the ROI of a “customer data platform” to instantiating a “customer data program.” 

Get everyone on board with using information to make decisions, and how they can contribute to quality data products that will benefit the customer and the business. This is simply the cost of doing business — no licensing, service, or storage fees required.


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Todd Belcher Consulting Partner
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