Data collection & engineering

Proprietary data products can only be built from storing relevant information.

This includes business process, marketing, advertising, customer website and app activity, kiosk use, IVR/call-center, point-of-sale/in-store, order fulfillment, etc. All of it.

We bring the proprietary perspectives required to succeed in a competitive market from business consultants experienced in architecting data collection foundations with an eye towards integrations and data products.

We can get started on a pilot, or wholesale refinement of existing collection:

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Needs in data engineering arise. Sometimes they pop up, and sometimes they’re planned. Whether you need us to guide your team, or plug right in, take advantage of our experiences in engineering data for warehousing, analytics, customer experience, data visualization, product development, and marketing/business process optimization.

If you prefer, provide us with more details below and let’s engineer some useful data without breaking the bank.

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