Simple Solutions Only: Make Every* Page a Landing Page

*every page that folks are landing on with predictable intent

Last SSO was a playful tidbit on figuring out where the next step in the desired/actual customer journey(s) should be, and accommodating that next step. You can read about it here.

Whether managing an area of the site, or driving customers to it — when customers land there, it’s a landing page. Channel managers can all take this to heart, but they must also be empowered to do something about it.

First-party data is not solely about identity. Part of running a strong first-party data program is product and channel manager outreach. By ensuring that existing data is utilized to understand owned and/or targeted landing pages (or experiences!), journey flow enhancements that never see the light of day will start to get prioritized.

This means you, newsletter signup box after I’ve arrived via newsletter link.

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Todd Belcher Consulting Partner
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