The Performance Marketing Triad

Customer acquisition cost (CAC) is not a cost metric, it is an optimization metric.

Advertisers, marketers, and product managers have influence over CAC.

It happens. There may be bad feelings about ongoing campaigns. Maybe they are not meeting goals. Stagnating. Even all out failing. 

Being able to produce evidence that can be used to launch new tests is critical. When that evidence is not available, or there are no people/process in place to take action on that evidence, all things suffer as a result.

Performance marketing starts with campaign execution as a continuous learning experience that drives towards goals set by past measurements. This mode of continuous improvement is built through three elements of success: the triad of information, capability, and repeatability:

1. Information

We will always be testing and deriving new information and insights. Testing audiences, channels, formats, timing, designs. All of it. Not all at once.

2. Capability

Capabilities within ad formats, channels, as well as the capabilities of processes, teams, and technologies will grow as more is institutionally learned about the business and customers.

3. Repeatability

Repeatable processes and frameworks are the guiding light through a state of constant change. With consistency over time, we add more information and capabilities.


Acquisition markets and the costs to drive value from those markets are constantly changing. The best way to combat constant change is through strong change management process. This triad of success are what get us there.

The cycle continues. The triad is successful.

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Todd Belcher Consulting Partner
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